The ETF Institute
The ETF Institute® offers current industry information, and opportunities to expand knowledge of, and markets for, exchange-traded funds. The Institute also conducts the exam to become accredited as a Certified ETF Advisor®.

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Our Mission

The mission of The ETF Institute is to provide financial professionals with the highest quality educational programs related to exchange-traded funds (ETFs). By granting the Certified ETF Advisor designation and upholding it as the recognized industry standard, The ETF Institute seeks to help financial professionals increase their knowledge of ETFs, enhance their careers, and benefit the general investing public.

The ETF Institute is the first and only independent organization providing financial professionals with certification, education, and training pertaining to exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Through The ETF Institute, financial professionals can earn the professional designation, Certified ETF Advisor (CETF). The ETF Institute awards this designation to candidates who successfully pass a comprehensive examination, demonstrating a thorough knowledge of ETFs and their multiple uses in asset management and portfolio construction.

The ETF Institute prides itself on being the information resource and advocate for financial professionals utilizing ETFs, with an emphasis on continuing education and training to help ensure professionals stay up-to-date on this rapidly evolving industry. Our mission is to help financial professionals increase their knowledge of ETFs, enhance their careers, and position themselves to offer better guidance to clients.

With the proliferation of ETF products, including more complex investment vehicles such as inverse and leveraged ETFs, futures and swap-based commodity ETFs, and exchange-traded notes (ETNs), it’s critical that financial professionals understand the inner workings of these products to ensure clients are properly advised. The ETF Institute provides the vital information financial professionals need to understand the vast array of ETF products and ensure they stay current on the latest industry changes.